Sarah - We love girls with a plan

When Sarah first walked into our studio, I knew immediately that this was a girl with a plan. A girl who knew what she wanted and had a strong vision of her wedding style. I love that. I love girls who know who they are and what they want. Girls who are not scared of their taste and in this case Sarah wanted an unapologetically princess-y dress and soft floaty flowers to match.

Again; I love that! That such a direct and upfront and confident girl wanted and had what lots of other girls like that would run a mile from; sparkle, pink and floaty light loveliness. Pigeon-hole girls like this at your own risk! The dress may shout princess but this princess will kick your arse! Expect the unexpected is a an ethos we love at Forbesfield. That really is confidence and stating your case loud and proud shows just that. I guess what I’m saying is, when it comes to your wedding, don’t be afraid of getting what you really want. Don’t be drawn into having something because a thousand wedding blogs are telling you this is hot right now, or you shouldn’t have that because it’s considered old fashioned or naff. It’s your wedding, it’s your choice.

Have your wedding, your way and don’t make any apologies for the choices you make.


Location: Cornerstone, Cardiff 

Photographer: Kate Stuart Photography