Sarah & Dan

Sarah and Dan and the magical Ninfarium... sounds almost like a brilliant story right?  I knew absolutely that Sarah and Dan would have a beautifully stylish and elegant wedding. Sarah is a friend of mine and an interior architect so style and design is in her blood, on which she has built ONGL successful business.

We were like-minded in what would be perfect for them and what would be dreamy in the surroundings so it was the easiest and yet the most beautiful of wedding florals we did that year. I knew exactly what aesthetic and vibe she wanted and knew we could execute it perfectly. I also know Aberglasney Gardens was amazing; I'd heard great things and I also knew that the gardens were botanically important.

What I hadn't realised is that there was an inner garden a Ninfarium! I mean even the word conjures up otherworldly, story-book pictures in my mind. And when I saw it,  I cried. Sarah looked at my awestruck face and laughed and said 'Yep! And that is why we chose this place!'.

Truly magical, not only was this wedding magical because I know Sarah and Dan and that always makes the day incredibly moving and personal when you're designing florals, but also magical because these guys introduced me to the most wonderful garden I have ever seen. I hadn't seen anything quite like it, but I can say hand on heart that will be forever grateful to Sarah and Dan for the introduction.

The treasures you find during the course of this job are always precious and you get taken to places not many people have the pleasure of seeing or visiting.

So a BIG FAT thanks to Sarah and made me cry, you nailed the most beautiful day, you floated in the lightest of love and and you totally educated me. And for that reason I bloody love you!

To the Ninfarium!


Location: Aberglasney, Carmarthenshire

Photographer: Owen Mathias