About Forbesfield

We are a floral design and styling studio with one thing on our minds; to create incredibly beautiful florals in our wild, elegant and progressive house style. At Forbesfield we have a simple ethos; we believe that when high quality flowers and high quality design connect, then remarkable things can happen. 

We believe in the transformative power of great floral design. We work in terms of the full aesthetic and not with a bundle of individual designs; we think 'The Big Picture'. We are motivated and moved to design and style briefs by any number of things around us, from the colour palette found in a handful of sand on the beach to the extraordinary home featured in the latest edition of *Wallpaper magazine.

We also know that whilst fashion fades, style will never die. We always want your flowers to reflect you and your character so that when you go through the images 10.....20 years from now, your day hasn't dated, rather it has the look of an all-time classic.

In 2015, Beth became a member of the prestigious international collective of floral designers, stylists and wedding planners known as 'Chapel Designers'. For Forbesfield, this means always working to a gold industry standard and using the most progressive techniques for designs and having a full network support and mentorship of the best floral designers the world over.

Forbesfield is made up of a team of free lance designers and headed up by Beth. Each designer is a hugely successful florist in their own right and the team sometimes includes those taken fresh out of the Chapel Designers stable.

Forbesfield are featured on blogs all over the world, producing a wonderful calibre and body of work that keeps the team motivated and our brides and clients delighted.

Forbesfield keeps it's design and styling work fresh and edgy and most importantly beautiful. We do not follow the crowd.

We are Forbesfield.

we believe that when high quality flowers and high quality design connect, then remarkable things can happen...


About Beth 

Stemming from a childhood obsession, flowers woven into my plaits, petals used as talon-like fingernails, and despite the curve ball of a degree in politics and another life in an investment company, I still found my way back to my enduring first love.

Once the decision was made, I trained formally at horticultural college before throwing out the rulebook I’d spent the years learning from, and found my own way. That’s still what Forbesfield is based on all these years later; a curious mind that sees a different, more attuned way of creating.

Before Forbesfield was born, I worked with a number of wonderful florists who taught me, gave every drop of knowledge I asked for, and gave me their time and skill and under their tutelage I flourished.

The best part of this is that those florists whom I learnt from now form my indispensable freelance team - and we have each others backs and the interest of this company, and therefore our clients at its hearts.

These days when I’m not found at the studio throwing around ideas or having a special moment over any given flower, I’m either chasing down another one of my 'out-there' business ideas, or running around after my animals and family at home by the sea in the Vale Of Glamorgan, Wales

Photo Credit: Ryan Welch
I love flowers, they rule my world. It’s honestly all I have ever wanted to do; this playing with flowers thing...