Nikki & Gareth

Nikki and Gareth came to Forbesfield through Jodie at The Boiler House which was they were holding their reception celebrations. The Boiler House is a warehouse venue and perfect for alternative and creative weddings and Jodie and I have worked together many times; she's an all round bona fide good guy so I knew that any couple who wanted a reception there would be perfect Forbesfield clients.

Their venue choice already told me that they were willing to be different, not stick to a tried and tested route or formula, and indeed Nikki and Gareth did not disappoint. Nikki is a creative herself, editing the well know crafters magazine; Mollie Makes and so I knew that she had the ability to build something gorgeous with her skills and knowledge of making stuff look awesome!

During our first meeting we discussed a few basic ideas and had a good general chat and knowing that I had worked in the venue before they were happy for me to write their style brief and see where it took them. I had instant good party vibes with these two and so I thought hot-popping party colours and big glossy leaves. Vintage was not on this wedding menu. I felt that corals and oranges and reds and tropical party vibes were bang on and when they contacted me after they'd received the first paperwork they were incredulous!

They couldn't believe how bang on it was, and how much to was reflective of them and the hot jungle vibes worked out as they were honeymooning in Costa Rica! Sweet serendipity! I guess to a large extent that is the absolute strength of Forbesfield, to asses character and translate that in a floral aesthetic. Nikki and Gareth were incredibly generous with their trust and faith in us at Forbesfield and that always pays dividends and allows your florist to be the best version of themselves. And any couple that has curry for their wedding breakfast is

ALWAYS a legendary couple as far as we are concerned. These guys got married the way they wanted and partied the night away they wanted and we have so much respect for that! Big love you guys! ....Jungle is massive! ........and tiny tiny pineapples are awesome! 


Location: Day-St Fagans, Cardiff Night-The Boiler House, Cardiff

Photographer: Wild Wedding Photography