At the end of October FFS dusted off our cosy jumpers and muddy boots, hopped in our van and headed way down West to host a workshop at the wonderful Fforest. If you aren't familiar with Fforest you will not know that it is the most inspiring place run by the warmest and most engaging people. The Lynch Family we love you! 

At it's most basic it's a place to camp and live off the land; it's a place to live the simple life. At it's most wonderful, Fforest is a place to relax, unwind and feel the nostalgia of childhood camping and the magic of it's idyllic setting. Fforest has many strings to it's bow, with weddings being one of a number of events that they host, so our first introduction was a few years back when we had a mutual bride who was getting hitched there.

Since then we have worked with a number of Fforest brides and so when we were approached to hold a FFS workshop there you can imagine that we nearly leapt into their out reached hand!

So off we went black-sky-early one Monday morning, driving through the rain and mist of the Welshest of weather days, but as we've said, magic happens at Fforest and and so by the time we arrived the mist had cleared, the sun was up and and our students were waiting and a few little four legged friends also joined us to our absolute delight.

These ladies were brilliant; and we laughed a lot! They all had the makings of wonderful floral designers, creating wild and elegant hand-tieds and hanging installs like they were born to it using a mix of Dutch and Welsh foraged treasures. The amazing thing about watching our students create, is seeing a style being born in each person. Everybody has the same ingredients available to them and yet the difference between designs is the most amazing thing. To watch what flowers and foliages each person selects, watch them build a design and see the cogs turning as they figure it out is by far the thing we love most about teaching and easily the most fulfilling. It's seeing the possibilities open up in their mind as they realise what they are capable of and how they can make this design anything they want it to be.

The class was joy from start to finish and we think that we got as much, if not more out of it then the ladies we taught. So to you all, a big fat thank you! We had the best time and we got as much as we gave.

If you are inspired to get creative with all things green & gorgeous, check out our courses here.....

We can't wait to return and create again at Fforest very, very soon. Watch this space people, as there are plans and dreams in the pipeline......