Danielle & Emyr - ALL THE FLOWERS

Danielle came to me through a recommendation from my very good friend Ryan, boss-cat over at Ryan Welch Photography. Ryan and I are very similar and I knew that if he loved Danielle then she was going to be a great bride and most likely a complete character. I was not disappointed! She came into the studio in a whirlwind and talked and laughed like we had met thousand times before. Amongst her first words to me were ‘I want our wedding to look like a Dolce and Gabbana shoot’. “amazing!’ we thought. ‘Let’s do this!”. Deal was done, Danielle and Emyr were on board!

And what a marvellous couple to work for. Danielle had her sights set high, she works in fashion and style is important to this girl! They, or rather Danielle, wanted ALL THE FLOWERS. EVERYWHERE. During some of these conversations I’d see the slight look of panic in Emyr’s face, as if he was imaging quite literally drowning in flowers on their wedding day. Of course there were A LOT of flowers; thousands of stems, but his worries were unfounded. it wasn’t quite biblical proportions, so no risk of drowning.... at least not on this one. We had a great team for the installation of this wedding at the beautiful Pencoed House, with one of our squad, Annie, quite literally hitting the ground running after disembarking her flight home from another job and running straight to this venue. I love the rush and surge of energy that happens just before a wedding; before the hush and falls and the anticipation fills the air. Where my team are bustling through the venue, thinking of everything, evaluating everything and thinking critically at every point to make the job perfect and always with the couple in mind.

That kind of industrious vibe gives me the buzz and tells me that we are part of something very special that’s about to happen. Having the time to take that moment in and appreciate that someone has let you translate their dreams into flowers is really rare but when you get that, it’s the most incredible feeling.

Thank you Danielle and Emyr, you were awesome!


Location: Day Pencoed House, Cardiff 

Photographer: Ryan Welch Photography