Buying, Costing and Stem Counts

Buying, Costing and Stem Counts


This course is perfect for up and coming florists who need to get a firm grasp of the financials of their business. We will look at quantity buying, where your budget is best spent to please your client and how to write your stem count accordingly. This is the basic foundation of your business and should not be missed. We get into this business for the love of flowers but get these basics wrong and your business will not make you the profit you need to survive.

Get it right and you’ve got your dream job that pays you appropriately. Enough said.

 Date & Time: Wednesday 17th October 11am - 2.30 pm  

Location: TBC

Maximum of 10 per class

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New Florists and Start Ups

All courses below are aimed at students who are either looking to start a new career in floristry, have just started up their own business or are established florists looking to develop existing skills and build confidence to creating the ever increasingly challenging designs that wedding and event work brings. In addition to hands-on classes, we offer a range of classes on the non-practical side of floristry from proposal writing to costings.

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