Insole Court

There are some days, when you're pushing for your business, you can feel as if you are trying to run through treacle, it's hard and exhausting and you get nowhere fast. And then, there are days when you feel as if the stars have aligned and it's green lights all the way.....

Insole Court had not really been on our radar; we knew about it from a few small events we'd flowered there but we'd delivered those on dark Winter evenings with rain spiking in our faces so staying to check out the views wasn't really on our minds. When KP and I were looking for dream venues to hold FFS classes, Insole Court cropped up and so we fired off a speculative email and waited and wondered.... Would they be interested in working with us? Would we be a good fit for each other? Would it work for both parties? Did Insole Court already have a florist on board running workshops?

The returning email made us smile like Cheshire cats and we immediately had good vibes. Heledd, Insole's rather wonderful head of visitor services, turned out to be familiar with Forbesfield already, having been to our retail space when we ran the business in Castle Arcade, Cardiff. She knew our aesthetic and style and could already see how we could work together. We could not have been more lucky!

Cue KP and I trotting off to Insole for a meeting with big boss, Meg, and immediately being blown away by the sheer scale, scope and beauty of the place and the engaging and warm welcome we got from the team there. I can safely say that for KP and I we knew right off the bat that we wanted to work there and we wanted to work the team there. Insole Court offers so much in terms of glorious aesthetic, beautiful grounds, rich history and incredible spaces to run the school. But what came through more than anything else is the feeling of inclusiveness and good-nature that it holds. This is probably down to the the fact that Insole Court is the product of a community passionate about saving this incredible mansion house from it's dilapidated state, since then that community has worked with an amazing team of staff to bring Insole Court back to life and open to the public once again.

And WOW! You need to see this place! The renovation work has elevated Insole Court into the dreamiest of venues......with talk of weddings for next year; brides you should probably see this place....

We are completely and absolutely thrilled to be able to bring you our flower school in conjunction with Insole Court. This venue deserves to be shouted about and we intend to do exactly that! We are beyond excited to have been able to forge this relationship with one of the most historic and beautiful hidden gems in Cardiff, although we suspect it won't be long before it just becomes a straight up Cardiff treasure, no longer hidden. We can't wait to see where it takes us and we feel strongly that FFS and Insole Court are both new and growing business so it feels absolutely right that we can do this together. We are looking forward to a long and enduring relationship with Insole Court and with our first round of classes and workshops starting here this month we are ready to go! 

And did we mention The Potting Shed Cafe.....Oh the cake! Get yourselves there for the cake alone and you'll be swept away by the rest. We promise! 


Christmas wreath classes starting on November 23rd. Please hop over to our 'Shop' page to book your place now. 

Kirsty Patrick